Plant Proteins in Cosmetics

Most cosmetic products contain proteins. The main form that has been used since the 1990s is protein hydrolysates, which provide effective hydration and penetrate deep into the skin structure. Protein hydrolysates are formed by the cleavage of proteins through a reaction with water, e.g. wheat protein hydrolysate.

Plant proteins smooth your skin and help it to retain moisture, making them ideal ingredients for high-quality hair and body care.

Plant proteins in cosmetics have the following benefits:

  • They are particularly skin-friendly
  • They are hydrating
  • They protect the skin
  • Their structure is similar to that of hair & skin, meaning that they repair & rebuild damaged hair & tissue
  • They protect the hair from moisture loss

So protein hydrolysates are ideal ingredients for shower gels, body lotions, and hair care products. But make sure they are plant-based - it is also possible to make them out of animal proteins.

We use carrot protein hydrolysate in our activating body care products, or kale protein in our Organic Sensitive Body Lotion.

Carrot protein (carrot protein hydrolysate) provides the skin with nourishing ingredients while helping it to retain moisture. This intensive care gives you particularly radiant and healthy skin. It contains antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin A, which protect the skin and have a regenerating effect.

Kale protein (kale protein hydrolysate) contains vitamins A and E, which work together to increase the moisture content and elasticity of the skin. Together with vitamin C in kale, they also support collagen synthesis and strengthen the skin structure.

Plant proteins are also great for your hair:

Hydrolysates from wheat, corn, or soy protein penetrate the outer layer of the hair, providing damaged locks with intensive care. They protect your hair and increase its strength and elasticity. That's why we pack all 3 into our Organic Heat Protection Spray for styling with curling wands & straighteners.

Wheat protein is a true all-rounder for beautiful hair:

It makes the hair supple, repairs damaged hair, and smoothes its structure. This protects your mane from heat, UV radiation, etc. and makes it easier to comb. Products with wheat protein - a good plant substitute for keratin of animal origin - are also great for strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows.

Wheat protein basically has the same function as silicones in conventional products. The advantages over silicones are that wheat protein can be easily washed out again, preventing build-up, plus it does not block pores and allows the scalp to breathe. Wheat protein is also much better for the environment!

When buying cosmetic products, always be sure to look at the ingredients! Conventional substances on the INCI list can be bad for the environment, animal-based, synthetic, hormonally active, otherwise questionable, or can even lead to allergic reactions.

The powerful plant proteins in our products prove that there is another way!

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